CORD read-a-thon

As many students and adults transition from the end of the school year during this pandemic, it has become apparent that our access to educational materials and mentally exciting tasks has decreased. This is why Chinmaya Mission Columbus is hosting a read-a-thon program throughout the summer that will encourage others to become active readers while also raising money for an organization called CORD USA





What the read-a-thon will raise money for...

CORD USA, a nonprofit largely run by Chinmaya Mission, focuses on numerous issues that aides underpriviliged, rural communities in America, Sri Lanka, and India

CORD focuses on a variety of issues including empowering women, early childhood development, social justice, sanitation, income generation, youth support groups, rehabilitation services, self-governance, and meal providers. All these programs help both children and adults connect to India in a meaningful way that brings about positivity in the world.


Participants will read books while family, friends, and neighbors can pledge money for the cause. Those contributing will feel good helping the less fortunate while spending time with a good book. 

Why is reading important?

Reading helps one develop stronger analytical skills, improve ones depth of knowledge, and has proven to be beneficial to all areas of education. It also helps us develop our thoughts while entertaining us in a beneficial way

How does the read-a-thon work?

1) register for the read-a-thon

2) read anywhere from 1-24+ hours and log information about the book you read and how many hours you read

3) text/call/talk with family, friends, and neighbors explaining the fundraiser and asking them to donate money 

4) ask others if they would like to participate as well (you can direct them to this website) 

5) collect all money raised and donate it through the Chinmaya Mission Columbus website

Prize Information: those who raise the most money within their age group will be eligible for a 15 dollar gift card. The individual who fundraised the highest will receive a super prize such as a kindle. 
Age groups- (0 to 10, 11 to 21, 21 to 50, 50+) 

Talking to friends, family, and neighbors is the easiest way to get pledges for your read-a-thon. A simple yet effective message: "Hi my name is ____. I am participating in a fundraiser for an organization called CORD USA. The fundraiser seeks to help underprivileged communities in rural parts of India and Sri Lanka; the main goal of the organization, CORDUSA, is to help others become self-sufficient in order to improve their quality of life. Would you like to contribute to this cause by making a monetary donation?" 

How do I get others to donate? 

Tips to raise money 

1) remember to be confident while talking to others; showing that you are passionate about a good cause will easily persuade them to make a donation 

2) Ask people you know well to donate before going to others. 

3) create a goal of how much money you want to raise.

4) don't be discouraged if someone does not want to donate. 

5) talk to friends, family, and neighbors and encourage them to participate in the fundraiser 

6) send a link of the donation site to others through social media for a simple, effective way for others to donate

Why CORD? Food for thought...
  • Making a positive impact on the world 

  • Educating ourselves on social issues 

  • Reinforcing our values 

  • Helping others become self-sufficient 

  • Helps us to connect to India in a meaningful way 

  • Aids in volunteer hours for school 

  • Creating a ripple effect that will directly foster sustainability and an improvement in quality of life for the underprivileged 

Want to simply fundraise without reading? 

Don't have time to read, but still want to donate?




phone number: 614-956-9327


5302 Liberty Rd N

Powell, OH 43065


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